Warmer weather is approaching and that means it's time to service your vehicle for summer. There are a few steps that we suggest each of our Fredericksburg drivers do before summer. The oil that your car used in the winter is different from the one you should use in the summer and your tires likely need to be changed as well. When you come to Volvo Cars of Fredericksburg, we can help you service your vehicle for summer. Below we've outlined the basic summer service essentials you should perform.

Summer Car Prep Tips

With road trip season approaching, we want to make sure all of our drivers in Fredericksburg are ready before they hit the road. To make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, we encourage all of our customers to do the following services.

Windsheild Wiper Changes

Keeping your line of sight clear even in rainy conditions is important on long road trips and that's why we suggest our customers to change them before hitting the road and even buy another for future use on the road.

Regular Oil Changes and Other Essential Fluids

Your motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and you want to make sure that it is clean and fresh. If your oil is dirty or old, it will gunk up your engine and cause it to move sluggishly or inefficiently. Regular oil changes and topping off essential fluids like your washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluids, and coolant keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Battery Checks and Tire Changes

Your battery spent the winter months working extra hard to start in those cold mornings, so it might be time to replace your old battery before starting your road trip. And, since your tires are the only thing between your vehicle and the road you should ensure the tire pressure is adequate and that wear is minimal to none. If you haven't changed to your summer tires, you should also consider swapping out your winter tires as well.

Schedule a Service Today

Prep your vehicle for any adventure that you're going to throw at it this summer with our help at Volvo Cars Fredericksburg. You can schedule an appointment with us online before stopping into our Volvo service center today.

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