Affordable Lease and Loans Available at Volvo Cars Fredericksburg Near Stafford, VA

Financing a vehicle can be a headache, especially if you go to the wrong place. When you try to finance a vehicle on your own, you could find yourself spending lots of your time searching around the Dumfries, VA, area looking for a fair loan or lease. When you decide to utilize the services of our finance center, then you can avoid jumping through the usual hoops.

At Volvo Cars Fredericksburg, we serve Spotsylvania County, VA, by offering convenience and affordability. When you explore your financing options with us, we will find affordable rates and terms without the hassle you would experience elsewhere since we work with major lenders to find the right financing for your budget.

How to Choose Between a Loan and a Lease

When you consider financing your next car, there's always the question of whether you should choose a car loan or a lease. While there are advantages to each and both are good options, you may find that one suits your lifestyles and budget better than the other. Let's run through the advantages of loans and leases so that you can have a better sense of which works best for you.

Auto Leasing

Leasing your next vehicle is a great way to afford the latest features while having comparatively low monthly payments. Since depreciation is the main factor in your monthly payments instead of the total cost, you will be paying a fraction of what you would be if you choose to own. This allows you to apply your budget to a wide range of vehicles and trim levels.

When Northern Virginia drivers choose to lease, they will also find that their upfront costs are lower as well. Down payments can be considerably less, allowing you to spend your money on something else. With the saved money that leasing allows for, you can put it towards highly advanced features and technology.

Since the terms for leases generally end before the warranty is up on new vehicles, you can have an extra sense of security knowing that if any covered parts or components fail, you won't have to pay full price. When your lease is up, you can simply drop off the leased vehicle and pay any final fees incurred. After that, you are free to lease another new car. This makes it possible to be driving the latest models every few years.

Car Loans

A loan may seem like the less flashy option, but when you're interested in long-term benefits, then a loan might be what you're looking for. Working towards ownership has plenty of advantages that you won't find for leases.

One of the largest draws for a loan is that you will own the car after you pay off the loans. That means no more monthly payments and more freedom of use. While your monthly payments will be more, you won't have to pay them forever, and if your monthly payments outpace the depreciation, then you could gain some equity.

Often, early termination of a loan is easier than if you were to lease. You can sell or trade the vehicle to pay off the loan balance, if necessary. When it's time to move onto your next vehicle, you can also use the value of your current car to save you money on your next car. You also won't have to worry about mileage or excessive wear and tear in the way you would if you leased.

Don't Have the Best Credit? We Can Still Help

Here at Volvo Cars Fredericksburg, our team is trained to work with all types of credit. So, even if you're working to rebuild (or simply build) your credit, let our finance team help you obtain special financing!

Finance Your Next Vehicle with Us at Fredericksburg, VA

As you can see, there are advantages to both leases and loans. It mostly depends on your preferences and your lifestyle. If you have more questions, then reach out to our finance team, and they will be able to answer any of your questions. To get started on financing, fill out our online finance application to get pre-approved!

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