Q. Why does Huber Motor Cars employ a transparent sales process?

A. We are striving to live up to our guiding principle: Driven to a Higher Standard. The old way of doing business was stressful, took too long and left people wondering whether they got a good deal. With our Fast Fair Simple Guaranteed sales process, we are transparent and give people the Huber Fair Price up front. Our prices are fair for everyone and based on real research. Plus, we guarantee you will be happy with our process and your new vehicle or you can bring it back!

Q. How is the Huber Motor Cars Fast, Fair, Simple sales process faster?

A. The traditional car purchase process takes an average of four hours to complete because of the lengthy negotiation that involves back-and-forth between the sales person and his or her manager, which is followed by an assessment of the guest's credit status and then an evaluation of financing options. The Fast, Fair, Simple process takes about half the time because of its transparency. You know the Huber Fair Price the minute you arrive - if not before - and we discuss financing options as part of our conversation about your needs. We also give you two offers for your trade and show you how we arrived at them. Keeping things simple and straightforward reduces your stress and gets the keys to your new car in your hand in about half the time.

Q. How do you establish the Huber Fair Price of your vehicles?

A. Every vehicle is thoroughly researched and individually priced based on a large number of factors. For new cars, we take into account the vehicle's make, model and equipment, plus the market supply and demand, our product mix, how long we have had the vehicle on our lot, and the price of similar cars in our regional market. For pre-owned vehicles, we consider those factors plus mileage, condition, color combination, service history and what similar vehicles have sold for in our regional market. Based on those criteria, we establish the Huber Fair Price. We offer a "Price Match Guarantee" to assure our guests they got a good deal.

 Q. How can I be confident of your pricing?

A. We will share our research with you to give you peace of mind because we're confident that the Huber Fair Price is just that. Plus, we are so confident in our process and pricing we offer two guarantees.

Price Match Guarantee - See our Huber GuaranteesPage for details.

Money Back Guarantee - Bring it back within 3 days or 300 miles, no questions asked.

Q. Why is your Sales Team paid on a non-commission basis?

A. Frankly, we felt our team members should focus on your needs, not their paychecks. Because of this, our product specialists' goal is to find the car that fits your desires and your budget, not the one that will best pad their pockets. That's a huge difference for our industry but one we believe is the right way to sell cars.

Q. Why do you show your guests two independent offers for their trade-in vehicles?

A. We provide two independent offers for each trade-in because we want our guests to see that we treat them fairly. You are entitled to receive whichever offer is better for you. Being transparent provides you confidence in our process. Plus, we will buy your car even if you don't buy ours.

Q. Why do your Product Specialists discuss financing options before the sale is completed?

A. That's part of our focus on you and your needs. We want to be sure we are heading in the right direction as far as what vehicle will fit your wants and your budget. When you can see the car's cost and your likely payment, it enables you to see early on whether a particular model is within your means. If it isn't, we can pursue other options for you.

Q. Does the Huber Fair Price reflect the entire cost of the vehicle?

A. The Huber Fair Price does not include tax, tag, title and the dealer processing fee. You are also welcome to purchase extras such as a service plan, Gap insurance or accessories to show your pride in your new vehicle.