Volvo Safety Features that Save Lives

Discover High-Tech Volvo Safety

Volvo has always been respected for impressive safety features because it is a priority for Volvo and Volvo customers. Volvo redefines safety in the modern age with safety features like birds-eye view that gives you a layout of your surroundings, Driver Alert Control that alerts you when you get tired on a road trip, and Rest Stop Guidance that gives you suggestions on safe places to stop and recharge.

Volvo even offers intuitive cruise control that maintains a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. It can also detect their distance so your Volvo will adjust its lights to give you optimal vision without blinding the other driver with your headlights. Lane Keeping Aid ensures that you stay in your lane and will correct you if you ever lose control while the Blind Spot Information System keeps you from merging into traffic that you may have missed on your head check. Volvo's innovative safety makes it the ideal family car or first car for your child. 


Intelligently-Safe Design by Volvo

Volvo's first concern in a vehicle has always been safety, even from the innovation of the 3-point seat belt in 1959, and they haven't slowed down since. Intelligent vehicle designs make Volvos some of the safest vehicles on the market. For children's safety, Volvo designed the first rear facing child seat, and 2015 was the 25th anniversary of the integrated booster seat. The Volvo system's electrically retractable safety belts tighten and keep you firmly strapped in in the event that your car should leave the road. The unique Volvo-designed seat structure absorbs vertical loads to reduce the risk of compressing your spine in a collision. Volvo truly wants safer roadways, and that's why their vehicles even offer pedestrian airbags that cover the windshield to soften the impact and reduce injuries. 

These are only some of the reasons that Volvo is a leading competitor in safety features and innovation. Come check out our extensive collection of Volvos at Volvo Cars Fredericksburg and help promote safer roadways.

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